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Honeycomb Pastries


Bakery Policies

-Orders need to be placed at least 7 days ahead of time. Weddings I prefer to have finalized a month in advance. Feel free to inquire as we may have extra batter, but that will be a case to case scenario. If I am able to take a late order, a late fee will be applied.

-All orders must be finalized-pickup time, quantity, flavor preferences, design-a week ahead of time (unless prior agreement/arrangements have been discussed).

-There are no full refunds applicable for event cancellations within 7 days of the scheduled event date.

Partial refunds will be decided upon by situation.


-Payment must be made by the due date discussed in your invoice. If you are late on your payment, an additional late fee will be applied.


-If you do not like your order, we are sorry to hear that and may offer a discount on your next order, but that is also case to case scenario.


-Gift certificates expire a year from purchase date, please remember to use them before they expire.

You agree to terms upon payment.

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We’ll get back to you soon. In the meantime, feel free to look at some of my other creations :)

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